The Benefits of an Engagement Session

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Engagement Sessions sometimes get a bad reputation.

Despite what the public thinks, when you’re shopping for wedding photographers, it’s important to figure out if you want or need an engagement session.

A good photographer will be able to step into your wedding day and work with you off-the-bat. But for many people, this is too scary to consider and you’d rather go through the process once. Photographers have embraced that!

Why? Let me tell you:

Practice for the Wedding

I’ve photographed more than 75 engagement sessions over the past 5 years. The biggest value they add to my couple is, first and foremost, they get to see what it’s like to be photographed by me. I don’t want couples to stress out wondering what the photography will be like. An engagement session is a great way ease fears and to build trust before your big day.

It’s a daunting process to be photographed by a stranger, but I take the time to make all my couples feel beautiful, safe, and direct them to have a fun time with their fiancé.

The engagement session also gives me a chance to work with my couples photograph. I’ve worked with a dynamic range of people over the years and have learned to work with subjects of all confidence levels. Generally, my couples are uncomfortable and scared when they meet me for their engagement session.

A Chance to Contrast Your Wedding Vibe

Getting married in nature? Consider an engagement session in an urban setting. Or vice versa. Weddings are the perfect time to invest in an engagement session. In general there’s so many life changes that having a lower stress portrait session creates a beautiful memory.

See Yourself In Your Photographer’s Work

The engagement session is the perfect opportunity to let your photographer put you into their work before your big day. For me, this is the perfect time for my couple’s to see how I work.

Getting Awesome Images

By the end, the hope is that you two have a great time while creating these images. After a short time, you have an entire gallery of beautiful images.

Many couples use these images to create wedding websites, print on their Save the Date cards, and more. Be creative with your images, or keep them to yourself!

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