Should We Do a First Look?

Having a First Look is when you and your partner, before any guests have arrive, share a moment where you see each other for the first time on your wedding day.

Wedding days are often anxiety-inducing for many couples. First looks help (and became popular) because seeing each other early in the day can cut anxiety down.

What are the advantages of a First Look?

  • First Looks are earlier in the day. Typically right after the “getting ready” phase, when the couple and their wedding party are getting ready.
  • It’s an opportunity to shake any anxiety. I’ve never heard a couple regret doing a First Look who were overall socially anxious. Seeing each other sooner takes a huge weight of some couples’ shoulders.
  • Make it as private as you like. I encourage couples to do it with a limited group. Often times, the mothers and wedding party watch off in the distance. It’s a special moment shared by your inner circle, or just the two of you.
  • I typically do your couple portraits right then and there. That magic spark made during the First Look carries really nicely right into couple portraits, where you both are in glee about seeing each other for the first time.
  • Do more of your main pictures before the ceremony. Most couples who opt for First Looks want to have all of their pictures complete before the ceremony.
  • Be able to join your cocktail hour immediately after the ceremony. Completing most or all of your photos before the ceremony allows you to maximize your time spent with your guests.

What are the disadvantages of a First Look?

  • Not the best light. First looks usually end up happening when the light is not at its most flattering. A good photographer will be able to handle this, but do note that it’s pretty important that your First Look location have plenty of shade coverage and/or trees. This gives your photographer variety.

First Look Gallery

I hope you found this guide helpful!