Planning & Preparing For Your Engagement Session

This guide is meant to help you plan and prepare for your engagement session

Engagement sessions are an opportunity to create beautiful images of the two of you. Images I hope you will cherish just as much as your wedding images. These sessions from me are meant to be casual, fun, and very fluid. I keep couples moving and look at the session as a chance to go on an adventure.

I’m committed to providing my clients with streamlined information to help them consider their sessions more carefully. This guide is a compiling of all the tips I share with clients, and friends and family.

Planning Your Session

The session is an opportunity to create images that say something about you. Some couples have a specific location in mind. Others prefer a certain vibe. Whatever you are looking for, it’s always easiest to think about what the images to say about you both and work from there. If you want to simply be a passenger, that’s cool too!

When scheduling, please reach out when you can with two dates that work for you.


Location isn’t everything. Many my couples have not decided on a location and instead defer to me. While the remaining usually has a realized vision they want me to hop onboard with.

The location of your shoot can mean something, but it doesn’t have to. For example: a couple who enjoys hiking may want a hiking location to be the feature of their session. Alternatively, some couples don’t have a preference for location, but instead are going for a vibe or a certain style.

Ask yourself, how important is location to us?
If the answer is very important, then let’s make it happen! Be sure to investigate for any fees/agreements that the location requires. Unfortunately, we must behest to any posted signs, or leave grounds if asked to leave.

If the answer is somewhat or not that important, then consider what qualities you want your session to take. If you are struggling, and would rather have me make recommendations, then please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am happy to help where I can!

A Note about National Parks, the National Mall, and surrounding DC locations: The National Mall & surrounding monuments, along with many other sites, do require an advanced permit application & any associated fees. Get in touch with any potential location to see if they have a photo policy. Any fees and permits are on the client to obtain.

Time of Day

Engagement Sessions are typically photographed at sunrise, or an hour or two before sunset. These times, known as the Golden Hour, are when light is at its most softest, and most flattering. I am myself not a morning person, but I always happily meet my clients early in the morning to make incredible images with them.

This light is the most forgiving, giving us all time to acclimate in addition to removing difficult light from the equation. Sometimes, sessions end up taking on a moodier tone, due in nature to the atmosphere of the day. In that case, I try and roll with it.

What to Expect

My sessions are aimed to keep you moving on an adventure. Much of my work focuses on finding the spark in the moment, so we won’t plan too much, but work through various images with ideas from both of us.

You should expect to feel awkward. It wasn’t until I was photographed for my engagement session that I understood this feeling. It’ll subside though, as I continue to keep you both interacting in fun ways.

What to Wear

Dressing for your session doesn’t have to be complicated.

Avoid deep, saturated reds, pinks and oranges. As well as large, distracting prints and graphic tees.

The goal of your wardrobe choices should make each of you feel visually individual, yet fit together harmoniously. When looking for inspiration, do check out my engagement blog posts.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this guide got you and your fiancé thinking more about your engagement session!