Hi there! I’m Brandon Templar, a photographer.

My inspiration comes from the challenge each session brings: to connect with people and create images of lasting importance. My work strives to capture fleeting moments in a unique, cohesive, and beautiful set of images. Instead of working to stage my subjects, I focus on keeping my subjects moving and having fun.

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I’ve always found the role of observer an easy one. After spending my formative years growing up in Europe, I developed an appreciation for sights and cultures. It was a grand experience for my younger self, and I learned to appreciate photography as a means of visiting times and places that are no longer here.

My photography style is a mix of photojournalism and candid, which are silly words that mean I go with the flow. I direct my subjects while keeping the pace easy and fun.

I live and work outside of Washington, DC with my husband (who photographs with me sometimes). Outside of photography, I build and design websites and applications for a variety of clients.

The clients that work with me tend to want a streamlined photography experience focusing on the heart and spontaneity of the session.